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Candle Care


Keeping your wick properly trimmed to 5mm will keep the flame under control for a cleaner burn and will prevent your candle from smoking. Always trim the wick before re-lighting.


If the flame height is greater than a couple of centimeters, gently blow out the candle, allow the wax and wick to cool, and trim the wick.


You can do this by either using wick trimmers, scissors or breaking the end of with your fingers when it is hard. Make sure there are no wick trimmings on the surface before relighting the candle. 



4 hours should be the maximum time in any one burn, any longer and the flame can become too high causing sooting around the glass, however, this can be easily wiped off once the candle has cooled right down keeping your vessel clean.



Always burn your soy candle in a well ventilated room, keep away from drafts and vibrations.


Keep it only on a sturdy, open, and visible space away from walls, curtains & decor.


Always keep your candle within sight and out of reach from children and pets. 


Never move or handle the soy candle while burning. The glass container can get very hot!


Always blow the candle out and wait until it has cooled down. 


ABOUT boo candles

I use sustainably produced 100% pure Ecosoy wax in all of my candles along with natural cotton and paper wicks. I have chosen superior phthalate and PBA free fragrance oils which allows my candles to be free from nasty toxins providing a cleaner burn. 


Soy is also a slower burning wax and has an incredible scent throw and a cosy glow.


You can even compost left over wax and the vessels can easily be cleaned out with a cloth and some hot soapy water because soy wax is water-soluble, this allows you to use the vessels over again for anything you choose :)

All my candles are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

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