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Fresh and funky approach to home fragrance 

Hand poured luxury soy candles

Unique, quirky and made with love 

what people say....


I’ve had to hide my candles with how good they smell! I want to eat them! Thank-you so much for my candle order, they are beautiful xxx


This gorgeous candle makes my whole bedroom and office smell gorgeous - even when not lit. I'm just going to check you have any mince pies left :)


Sweet Vanilla Bean keeping me sane with today’s workload. Smells amazing and lasts for so long. Thank you @boocandleco xx


I LOVE scented candles but I've started getting headaches from them and had to stop using them a few years ago. I spotted Boo Candle Co. on a local Facebook post and got in touch in case the soy wax and the phthalate free oils helped. And, it did! I've had the candle burning merrily for an hour or two a day since a few days before Christmas and not a headache in sight :) the house smells wonderful too. Would heartily recommend these candles to anyone :)

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